Ventilation Solutions

In-Line Fans for Ducts

In-line duct extractor fans with a detachable body and small size. fitted with a E.C. Technology motors.

- Casing made of self-extinguishing V0 plastic material.
- External terminal box with variable position.
- Easy. rapid installation.

- E.C. Technology motors with durable ball bearings.
- IP44 protection.
- Two-speeds selectable with a switch.
- Each speed can be adjusted by a power meter in the terminal box. Model 315 adjustable using 0-10 V external signal.
- Single-phase 220-240 V 50/60Hz.
- Operating temperature: Models 100. 125 and 150: -10ºC +60ºC. Models 200. 250 and 315: -10ºC +50ºC.

- Made of V0 white. plastic. self-extinguishing material.